Glass Wall Clock - modern clocks for walls


Glass wall clocks with any graphic motif in different shapes

Glass wall clocks are an entirely modern variety of the classic wall decoration. Available in different sizes and shapes, they can become the central decoration of a room. A wide selection of original prints will allow everyone to find a decoration that will be a perfect match for the style of a given interior.

Match the printed clock to any room

Beyond their time measuring function, glass clocks can serve as an extraordinary wall ornament in any room. They can be successfully used to enrich the appearance of different interiors at home, such as the lounge, bedroom, hall or kitchen, as well as a great decoration in service spaces and office. Their original and vivid prints will liven up the colour of every wall and will correspond excellently with other wall decorations.
Our offer includes square glass wall clocks (30x30 cm), round glass wall clocks (⌀ 30 cm) and vertical glass wall clocks (30x60 cm). Each of these types is available in a wide assortment of interesting motives and is made of a very strong material. Combined with the attention paid to even the most minute details, it has resulted not only in exceptional visual styling, but also in high robustness of these decorations. Consequently, they are among the most durable wall decorations.

The clock is a combination of functionality and decoration

Thanks to highly contrasting hands and Arabic numeral hour markers, our glass wall clocks, even in their dark-coloured varieties, can always tell time accurately. The motives available on our offer will excellently complement interiors in different styles, such as industrial, modernist, rustic, vintage or Scandinavian. Glass wall clocks with landscape prints will be a perfect addition to modern interiors and a great present for people who love travelling to places far away. Decorations with a fruit or vegetable motive will perfectly complement the design of every kitchen, while patterns with appetising sweets will match the atmosphere of every bakery or confectionery. For those who prefer more toned-down ornaments, we have prepared designs with minimalist patterns, such as imitations of wood or metallic surfaces. Glass wall clocks with floral patterns will look stunning in well-lit rooms at home, as well as in waiting rooms or offices.

The wall decorations we offer are more than just reliable, well-made and robust devices. Glass wall clocks are, first and foremost, an impressive ornament for various rooms. A wide range of available prints lets you choose one that is appropriate not only to the character of a given arrangement but also to your and your housemates' interests and passions.

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