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I am so happy with my order. It is a worktop saver, but we are using it as a splashback. It is gorgeous and reminds us everyday of the holiday we look forward to doing again when we are able. Fantastic service and I highly recommend. Thank you Tulup.
Sarah Dickinson (2020-10-31 11:33:40)
Very happy with my orders. I ordered a custom sized worktop saver to match my original order. The first order went astray but I cannot faulty communications with customer service. Order has now been recorded and I’m thrilled with how it looks.
Karen Fairweather (2020-10-29 18:29:30)
lovely canvas , will buy again, fast delivery to the UK
Caroline (2020-10-16 14:40:03)
Very pleased with product and customer service. Thank you.
Monica (2020-10-16 14:38:57)
Absolutely stunning great product ????
cathrine (2020-10-16 14:37:08)
Really good value thanks xx
Michael (2020-10-16 14:36:10)
Arrived faster than expected with clear fitting instructions. Great communication too.
Sally (2020-10-09 12:36:51)
Fantastic company, great product what a way to display the photography of Billy Wills@ andalaimagimg.
Have to say read the reviews of Tulup thought it was too good to be true, but the 5 star consistency is right.
Pamela (2020-09-25 20:09:11)
Very happy with my 2 orders looks great up in my living room
Colin Taylor (2020-09-18 19:47:22)
I got a package today. I am delighted, thank you very much!
Jennifer White (2020-09-18 14:21:02)

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