Canvas prints - photos on canvas


Canvas prints - fashionable and modern wall decoration

Canvas prints are a proven way of decorating walls. They are much more attractive and durable than paintings on paper or posters. That is why they are an increasingly common element of decor in our homes, offices, shops, and other premises.

Personalised canvas prints - an alternative to traditional wall decorations

Thanks to the digital photo canvas print, we can transfer every motif and photo to a perfect print quality. This allows us to create decorations that will match any room and any colour. In our store, we have prepared dozens of thematic galleries with various unusual motifs. This allows you to browse suggestions of prints for a child's room, for teenagers, prints for the living room, bedroom, and other rooms. They can become an unusual wall art in the living room, bedroom or in a child's room. An interesting and well-chosen motif will completely change the look and feel of our home.

Photo canvas can also be successfully used in offices, work places and places such as shops, fitness clubs, showrooms and service salons. Well-chosen motifs will not only emphasize the character of the place but also attract the attention of the client and make their stay at the premises more pleasant.

Multi-part canvas prints can be an additional attraction. Our motifs can be printed on several parts in a layout of three, four or even five elements. Such presentation makes every motif unique and it becomes the main decoration of the room.

Aesthetic finish of canvas prints

Pictures that we print on canvas have a high aesthetic finish. Canvas print is extended on a stretcher of the chosen size. The canvas also covers the side edges so that the final product has a lighter, more modern design. The included hooks will allow safe mounting on the wall. Photos and graphics on canvas has undoubtedly many advantages. First of all, it is possible to print virtually anything, so the final image can have unique features and 100% match the owner's tastes, as well as fit perfectly into the environment. Canvas prints also have a more universal design, which allows them to fit into any style of interior design. This is not possible with most of the images framed in traditional wooden frames. Apart from that, the canvas photo is durable, the colours on it do not fade, it is easy to keep it clean.

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