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Ideas for kitchen walls in October

Kitchen walls are a real, decorative challenge, just because they are easy to get dirty and it's hard to find decorations that will look really good. Some give up the wall decorations in the kitchen, opting for ordinary paint or tiles. Kitchen walls like decorations very much, provided they are stain resistant, durable and match the interior style. That's what they are like kitchen panels on glass.


Autumn wall decorations - it's time to start the new season

Autumn is a time of colours. Yellow, red, juicy orange and brown will appear in our wall decorations, kitchens and living rooms. Autumn is a good moment for changes - so it's worth taking advantage of the upcoming season and surround yourself with vivid colours to give you energy throughout the winter. Often, even a single colorful addition creates the whole autumn atmosphere, so if you do not want to spend a lot of time renovating, choose fashionable wall decorations.



A black kitchen constitutes a completely new trend, which is the opposite of Scandinavian white. In this case, instead of bright colors and pure white, the dominating colors are black, burgundy, navy blue, and green. What can be combined with black to avoid the effect of heaviness and overwhelming? How to choose the perfect accessories? What should one remember when deciding for a kitchen with black furniture? Below are some inspirations for kitchen splashbacks.


wall clock for kitchen choose yours

Clocks on glass include many unquestioned advantages, thanks to which they will serve properly for years. In addition to aesthetic values, they are durable, so hot steam resulting from cooking, or accidentally hitting the shield won't damage them.


Acrylic or glass splashbacks?

The renovation of a kitchen is a tough nut to crack, especially if you plan not only to replace the kitchen equipment, but also the furniture and tiles. We often receive questions about what kitchen splashbacks to choose - acrylic or glass? Which have higher durability, resistance to dirt and dust, as well as the proximity of the heat source.


Advantages of glass worktop savers

Glass worktop saver provides a great and modern solution for decoration and usability in the kitchen. Over a short period of time, it has gained immense popularity. There are at least a few main reasons why you should consider buying this glass worktop saver for kitchen. It is thanks to them that glass cutting boards are so popular all over the world.