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Boldly patterned backsplashes new kitchen trend

Although seemingly the latest trends are referring back to subdued, calm tones, the detail that breaks the neutral and dark colours will be bold patterns. Patterned wall splashbacks for kitchen look particularly good this season.


Bathroom door stickers - a unique Christmas present!

Have you ever wondered how you can decorate the bathroom door? This is not an easy task - it is a place where high temperature and humidity work constantly. That's why most of you may be surprised to hear that there are eye-catching bathroom door stickers.


Christmas kitchen decor

The pre-Christmas period is the most beautiful time of the year. Dark evenings are lit up by beautiful Christmas decorations. Inspiration and ideas for original gifts appear in stores, and we search through the recipe pages to choose the best and surprise our guests. We know that not everyone is a fan of cooking, so we have prepared for you Christmas kitchen boards, thanks to which preparing Christmas Eve dishes will be a pleasure.


Wall clocks—glass or traditional ones?

Wall decorations are the foundation not only in a modern home. Empty, unadorned walls create the impression of an unfriendly, crude place. Although paintings, mirrors or wallpapers are most often chosen as wall decorations, it is worth considering wall clocks that will significantly improve the quality of your everyday life.



The best ideas for kitchen decorations on the occasion of Halloween

Until now, Halloween was considered a typical American holiday - it was there that the idea of taming fear, nightmares and witches with laughter and sweets was born. On this special day of the year you can face your fears and dress up as a witch, vampire and zombie, while having fun in the company of friends. Of course, Halloween is not only costumes and sweets, but above all - the interior decorations.


Ideas for kitchen walls in October

Kitchen walls are a real, decorative challenge, just because they are easy to get dirty and it's hard to find decorations that will look really good. Some give up the wall decorations in the kitchen, opting for ordinary paint or tiles. Kitchen walls like decorations very much, provided they are stain resistant, durable and match the interior style. That's what they are like kitchen panels on glass.