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5 ideas for summer interior decoration

Summer is not far away, although it will look different this year. Let's hope that the warm days won't run out, but most of us will spend our dream holidays under a cloud in our own garden. How do you make this summer time more interesting? 


Modern grey arrangements

Grey has many names. Surprised? Ash, melange, silver, grey are just a few of the many shades and terms of this timeless and elegant colour. Gray accessories fit in with any interior and make the room look amazing.


Children's wall arts with animal motifs

How quickly and effortlessly can you change something in your child's room? Wall arts with animal motifs will be helpful. Wall arts showing animals will not only turn your child's room into a nature-inspired magical land, but will also awaken his natural curiosity for the world.


6 most popular living room wallpapers

When you're sitting at home, it's not just the kids who get bored. It is now the second month, the situation is still uncertain and the end is not visible. What to do with this free time? Many of you are looking for an inspiration for your kitchen, living room or bedroom on the Internet. This is a very good time to put effort into refreshing the interiors.


Modern Easter decorations

Easter is a wonderful time. They are associated with a new beginning, spring and hope. For this reason, a tradition was born to decorate houses, flats and even workplaces on the occasion of Easter Night. We think it's a charming tradition. Ha-res, lambs, eggs - these and many other motifs set a positive mood, build a festive atmosphere and give the interiors a unique character.


An easy way to restore your old door – DIY!

The DIY formula is gaining popularity in the era of grassroots ecological movements and the trend of being "zero waste". Instead of throwing away old things, let's give them new life by refreshing them ourselves. This practice can relate to many areas of our lives, from an old bicycle to worn-out shoes. However, in today's article we will present an easy way to restore a door