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Glass or wooden chopping board? Learn ways to effectively clean and get rid of unpleasant odors from kitchen boards

Chopping boards are an integral part of food preparation. It is difficult to imagine slicing meat or bread without a cutting board. Which chopping board to choose?


Pictures for bedroom and living room - what theme, type and size of the print will be suitable for your interior?

Wall paintings are a fashionable and modern addition to interior design. It is worth using them in the everyday styling of the living room and bedroom. Which motif, type and size of the painting will be suitable for your interior? What to avoid and what will be fashionable this season?


Photo prints for the bedroom and living room - check out modern and original arrangements and be inspired to change!

Photo pictures are one of the most popular interior decorations. They are original, and thanks to the high-quality print, they become a beautiful decoration of the bedroom or living room. 


Interior design - trends in 2021

What will be fashionable in the decor in the coming year was greatly influenced by the fact that we were locked up at home for almost all of 2020. The subdued solutions that have so far dominated have received a lot of work. The interior design in 2021 will most likely be bolder and will please the eye with its diversity.


How to arrange a modern living room with a kitchen?

When arranging our interiors, we are primarily looking for a combination of functionality and aesthetics. An increasingly popular solution in flats that keep up with the times is a living room with a kitchenette - this type of design combines these two desirable features.


How to arrange a small bedroom? Check out our ideas!

Are you moving into an apartment where your big dreams are to be enclosed in narrow walls? No nerves! We will tell you how to arrange a small bedroom in an unconventional style