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wall clock for kitchen choose yours

When renovating a kitchen, the focus is usually placed on a well prepared design, as well as selection of furniture and household appliances. On the one hand, it is worth to initially think over both the right room arrangement and colors, on the other - everything changes during renovation works, therefore the last element of the decor about which we think during kitchen renovation consists in accessories and extras. Unfortunately, it often turns out that incorrectly selected accessories spoil the intended wow effect.

Fortunately, there are universal accessories that will work in every kitchen, and what's more, they are functional enough so that you'll never regret the purchase. These are clocks on glass, which, in addition to a decorative function, serve also a utility one.
Why is a clock necessary in every kitchen? Think about how many times you reach for the phone checking the cooking time for soup or pasta? How many times have you got your screen dirty when preparing pizza dough? Even though you can set an automatic alarm in the oven during baking, a glass wall clock is needed during cooking.

Clocks on glass include many unquestioned advantages, thanks to which they will serve properly for years. In addition to aesthetic values, they are durable, so hot steam resulting from cooking, or accidentally hitting the shield won't damage them. Each dial is easily readable, so even seniors won't have trouble reading the time. A wide selection of glass clocks arrangements results in that they can be used in interiors that are modern, minimalist, industrial, and delicate, feminine. Clocks on glass are a decoration in themselves, but can also be integrated into a composition of wall paintings.

Themes of fruits, vegetables, spices, and coffee cups are great for a traditional kitchen. For minimalists, we recommend clocks on glass in black and white. Raw wood and travel designs will be a beautiful complement for a kitchen in a rustic atmosphere. Floral motifs are recommended for delicate interiors, with a predominance of black or white. If you like an expressive detail, select a dark clock on glass (despite the dark colors, the dial has not lost its readability).

Kitchen accessories constitute an important, though often overlooked, part of the room's decor. It's not worth deciding on a purchase you won't be sure of. However, it is worth taking some time during the kitchen renovation and choosing accessories that will not only complete the composition, but are going to be both nice and functional.

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