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Children's wall arts with animal motifs

How quickly and effortlessly can you change something in your child's room? Wall arts with animal motifs will be helpful. Wall arts showing animals will not only turn your child's room into a nature-inspired magical land, but will also awaken his natural curiosity for the world.

Children's wall arts with animal motifs

Urban jungle - a new dimension of decoration

The popular boho style has reigned in interior design for years. Whether it's in the bedroom or the living room. This season, one of the most popular varieties of this trend is the urban jungle - which calls for a return to nature and inner balance. Plants and animals are an indispensable element of botanical compositions. In the urban jungle style, in addition to live plants with wide green leaves, you will find wall arts with plant and animal motifs. Ubiquitous plants and animals are a kind of return to nature, to balance and to live according to the rhythm of the day.

Modern wall arts

It's hard to find decorations that are durable and resistant to mechanical damage or dirt for children's room. That's why the best idea would be images that can be hung outside the reach of small hands. The most frequently chosen wall arts include glass paintings and paintings on canvas. The former provides extremely realistic graphics in the highest quality and ensures that even in case of damage, the child does not get hurt by shards of glass. Canvas prints are similar to traditional ones, but do not require frames.

What animal motifs should I choose for my child?

If you want a realistic look, you can choose a glass painting or a canvas print with a fox, cat, owl or parrot motif. Looking for something sweet and pastel for a girl? Choose timeless flamingos! Your kid likes challenges and is full of them everywhere? She'll certainly love the tiger or cheetah theme. Animal motifs work well in the environment of white furniture and accessories, as an element breaking the severity of white and giving the interior an unusual character.

Glass paintings or canvas prints?

Glass paintings are worth considering if the interior is kept in an elegant style. Although mounting the image on glass is quite demanding, the effects are worth it. Canvas prints will be a good idea for interior design in less demanding style such as boho or youth. Canvas prints are very easy and simple to assemble, as they do not require framing.
In our offer you will find wall paintings with animal patterns, which may inspire you to change your interior on spring.


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