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Wall clocks—glass or traditional ones?

Wall decorations are the foundation not only in a modern home. Empty, unadorned walls create the impression of an unfriendly, crude place. Although paintings, mirrors or wallpapers are most often chosen as wall decorations, it is worth considering wall clocks that will significantly improve the quality of your everyday life.

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Traditional wall clocks most often adorned the walls of the kitchen. There are reasonable arguments for this—in the era of gas ovens, there was no other way than to watch the time. It was much easier to control the baking or cooking time with a clock on hand. This way clocks conquered our kitchens, they could be found in almost every home.

The second favourite place in the house for wall clocks was the living room. Living rooms were the place where the famous cuckoo clocks that children loved hung. Some of you remember beautiful, carved clocks at your grandparents houses, right?

It would seem that wall clocks, along with technological development, will go out of fashion. Indeed, it is easier to have a smartwatch or cell phone on hand. However, we have good news for all the fans of clocks—they have survived the technological revolutions and are doing well.

Wall clocks are decorations that will be with us for years, so when choosing a wall clock you need to consider the most important factors such as durability and a good mechanism. Traditional clocks, while aesthetically pleasing and a great complement to the interior design, often got broken or destroyed. Those unlucky who did not have a beautiful, old clock, were forced to replace wall clocks from time to time with new ones.

Modern glass clocks are simple but at the same time very durable. Tempered glass with high resistance to mechanical damage is used in their production. 4mm thick tempered glass is one of the most durable materials available on the market. Unlike traditional clocks, glass wall clocks can be simply and easily kept clean. Their weight makes installation quick and easy—they are light and undemanding.

If you're wondering if hanging wall clocks will visually fit your kitchen or living room, you don't have to think long—the variety of designs and shapes of glass wall clocks in our offer means that each of you will find the right theme for themselves. There is also the option of printing your own image on the glass. Such a gift will please your loved ones and will be an original souvenir.

Below you can find some inspirations:

1. Round glass wall clock

2. Square glass wall clock

3. Vertical glass wall clock

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