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Bathroom door stickers - a unique Christmas present!

Have you ever wondered how you can decorate the bathroom door? This is not an easy task - it is a place where high temperature and humidity work constantly. That's why most of you may be surprised to hear that there are eye-catching bathroom door stickers.


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The bathroom is associated primarily with tiles of different sizes and colours and lack of decoration due to ubiquitous moisture. Most often in bathrooms you can see artificial plants, candles smelling beautifully, toolboxes for cosmetics, but ... stickers?

Perhaps you don't know yet, but door stickers from our shop are ideal not only for decorating the door to the living room or kitchen, but also the bathroom. They are waterproof, so that moist air will not cause them to peel off or make bubbles appear underneath. This allows for unlimited possibilities for arranging the room, because the choice of available designs, colours and motifs is very wide. Thanks to their resistance to scratches and dust, they will please the eye with vivid colours for a long time (they do not fade).

Why is it worth buying a bathroom door veneer? In addition to being an original and unique decorit will quickly conquer the hearts of your home dwellers and guests. Each sticker can be cut to size, which is why even complicated door constructions will not be an obstacle to creating a unique atmosphere.

It is only less than two weeks till Christmas, and you are still looking for a unique gift for your loved ones? The door sticker can be placed in any interior, not just the bathroom. Installation time for such a door veneer is very short, and the installation itself is easy. You will save time and money by replacing or wrapping the entire door.

One of the most popular trends in decorating rooms are decorations that do not require huge commitment. Traditional wallpapers are more likely to be replaced with self-adhesive ones because of the quick installation. Self-adhesive wallpaper for doors is a practical solution for changing the appearance of the interior without the need for a time-consuming renovation.

Below are some Christmas inspirations for door veneers:

1. Self-adhesive door sticker Cherries - Cherries are the basis of every successful baking. On the Christmas table there will be plenty of cherry liqueur or steaming cherry yeast cake. Although cherries are definitely the fruit of the end of summer, they look beautiful on a green Christmas tree or in combination with dark shade of grey.

2. Adhesive door sticker Orange - What is the most recognizable Christmas fragrance? Of course - oranges and cloves! There is no Christmas without oranges! This door veneer is recommended primarily to owners of dark (or black) bathrooms - it will introduce a beautiful contrast and colour.

3. The adhesive sticker on the door Rose Petals - which of you at Christmas time would not like a little of luxury, which is a bath in a bathtub full of rose petals? Deep, dark red combined with grey will add a romantic character to any interior and will bring back beautiful memories, what more could you want?

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