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Autumn wall decorations - it's time to start the new season

Autumn is a time of colors. Yellow, red, juicy orange and brown will appear in our wall decorations, kitchens and living rooms. Autumn is a good moment for changes - so it's worth taking advantage of the upcoming season and surround yourself with vivid colours to give you energy throughout the winter. Often, even a single colorful addition creates the whole autumn atmosphere, so if you do not want to spend a lot of time renovating, choose fashionable wall decorations.

glass print on kitchen wall splashback modern kitchen glass decoration

One of the most popular wall decorations are glass prints, canvas prints and glass kitchen panels. Why? Because of their functionality. Paintings on glass and canvas paintings will look impressive in the dining room or living room. They are made of high quality materials and are easy to assemble. They will add a unique atmosphere to every room.

In addition to the decorative function, kitchen panels also have a utility function - they protect walls against dirt and moisture. Maybe our autumn suggestions will appeal to you:

1. Autumn Walk in the Forest - is a print on glass, made of tempered glass, which will certainly enliven the room, especially those in dark colours. Shades of yellow and orange will add energy and stimulate action even on cloudy days.

2. Rural landscape - this canvas print will remind you of childhood in the countryside, walking in the woods in this most beautiful time of the year - Polish, golden autumn. If your home has an interior with a calm, subdued color scheme, it will definitely add to its character.

3. Vanilla cake - is there anyone who does not like the smell of vanilla, cinnamon or grandmother's apple pie taken straight from the oven? This modern glass kitchen panel will allow you to remember the smell of fresh cake and idyllic evenings in rainy weather.

Another equally useful decoration are glass kitchen boards. In addition to their proven strength, resistance to washing and abrasion, glass kitchen boards are an original addition to any kitchen. For autumn, we especially recommend those in shades of yellow, red and orange:

4. Forest Corner - glass kitchen board in autumn colours will bring golden autumn into every kitchen. With our glass kitchen board, cutting meat will be a pleasure - you just have to use water and liquid after all the work. Glass boards are durable and even small scratches will not be an obstacle in everyday use.

Another wall decoration worth your attention are glass wall clocks - rectangular or round. Which one to choose? We offer a variety of themes, You will certainly find something for you:

5. Autumn vertical clock - energetic, bright colours look great in bright rooms, and they add an individual character to dark ones. It can be hung in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or child's room.

6. Autumn round clock - due to the dark colours, this model will look best in the bedroom or in the hallway. Clocks made of glass due to their performance are very durable and can please the eye for a long time.

We hope that some of our autumn inspirations encouraged you to change the interior.

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