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3D wallpapers - change the room interior with the help of an image

3D murals are very popular. They are an ideal way to quickly change the interior and make it look completely new. Why is it worth buying them and how can you use 3D murals?

3D murals

3D photo wallpapers - the most fashionable designs and their use

Why is the fashion for photo wallpapers not passing away, but on the contrary, they are becoming increasingly popular? All because of more and more modern designs. 3D wallpapers, i.e. those with spatial graphics, can not only modernize the interior, but also make it optically change its size. How can they be used in individual rooms?

  • 3D living room wall murals - with city motifs, landscape, abstract tunnels, macro shots of e.g. plants - are perfect for large walls to further increase space and warm up the room.
  • 3D bedroom wall murals - floral motifs will give the interior a fresh and cozy atmosphere. 3D flower wall murals will make your bedroom romantic and spacious city wall murals will modernize your room and give you a fashionable style.
  • Washable kitchen wall murals - ideal for smaller walls, to optically enlarge the surface. When it comes to the design of 3D kitchen wall murals, narrow street shots dominate.
  • 3D wall murals for the hallway and 3D wall murals for doors and stairs - narrow streets, tunnels, bridges will enlarge or lengthen space.

It's not only the room that matters - the people in the room too! There are 3D photo wallpapers for young people - cities, abstractions, e.g. 3D photo wallpaper with space or brick.

An alternative will be 3D murals for children - sports motifs, animals, e.g. 3D murals for a girl with horses or 3D murals with a football motif.

What makes 3D photo wallpapers special and what makes them unique?

3D photo wallpapers

First of all, the possibilities they offer. They are perfect for small, narrow rooms that will optically extend or widen. They can create an extraordinary atmosphere in both the living room and the bathroom. For example: a 3D wallpaper with a forest will bring warmth and a kind of microclimate into a sunny living room, while a 3D tunnel wallpaper will lengthen the small hallway perfectly. In rooms with little access to light, a 3D photo wallpaper presenting a window will look beautiful, giving an attractive optical illusion.

3D murals - how to fit them into a room?

What matters is the climate you want to get inside. What is important is the climate you want to get inside. The rest is a matter of taste and place. The most common choice is a 3D photo wallpaper for the living room, for one strong accent and a 3D wallpaper for the bedroom to make it cosy. What are the possibilities? It turns out to be extensive! It is possible to decorate whole walls or only their fragments, e.g. troublesome recesses, or the doors themselves.

3D murals - what materials are they made of?

There are three basic materials from which these decorations are made.

  • 3D interlining wall mural - covers possible irregularities and imperfections of the wall and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. It has a delicate structure and matt finish. To glue it, the wall is covered with adhesive.
  • 3D magicstick mural - self-adhesive, with the possibility of multiple peeling and sticking. No glue required.
  • Laminated 3D photo wallpaper - laminated, resistant to dirt, scratches and washing. It has a matt finish and satin structure. It also does not require glue, because it is placed on a self-adhesive foil.

3D murals - the most popular designs

What are the most frequent and popular designs?

  • 3D street murals;
  • 3D tunnel wall murals;
  • 3D Bridge Murals;
  • 3D landscape murals (mountains, sea, forest, waterfall).

3D murals - the most popular designs

3D murals - where to buy the most beautiful ones?

It is very profitable, and also fully secure, to buy 3D wall murals online, where you can see an extremely rich offer. There are 3D wall murals for the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, as well as children's rooms, matching various arrangements and styles. I'm sure everyone will find something for themselves.

3D murals in the Tulup.co.uk store - why is it worth to buy them from us?

Large selection, attractive prices and professional service. Our shop offers a lot of attractive 3D murals, in the most fashionable designs and different sizes, with the possibility of choosing the right material. We do our best to make every purchase a success - a new, pleasing to the eye and soul arrangement using the most beautiful and exceptionally solid 3D murals.



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