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Boldly patterned backsplashes new kitchen trend

Although seemingly the latest trends are referring back to subdued, calm tones, the detail that breaks the neutral and dark colours will be bold patterns. Patterned wall splashbacks for kitchen look particularly good this season.

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Until now, vivid, distinct patterns have been smuggled into the interior design as accessories – pillows, bedspreads, cup pads, flowerpot covers. This season, patterned compositions have finally been noticed and appreciated. Let's not hesitate to combine expressive details with a uniformly coloured whole. It's thanks to them that the interior will take a unique character. Why did unusual, geometric combinations adopt so well in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a special place in the house. We spend most of the day there, preparing meals, drinking steaming coffee and talking with our loved ones. The current trend of joining the kitchen with the living room has made the kitchen the most important place in every home. This means that it should stand out with its original design, and at the same time harmonise with the entire composition of the living room or dining room.

The minimalist Scandinavian style doesn't introduce colourful decorations, only the classic combination of white furniture with wooden tops and accessories. The loft style, in which the combination of wood and metal dominates, allows for metal accents, maintained in a dark colour scheme. Patterns are a compromise between a stark, heavy style of interior design and optical lightness. This season, they are the ones that govern the interior style. We have a number of inspirations for you that will allow you to motivate yourself to experiment with the decor of your kitchen:

1. Rose Buds

Glass splashback for kitchen Pastel Rose Buds – roses are one of the most beautiful themes created by nature itself. Delicate and feminine, they bring a bit of pastel freshness to the interior, optically brightening it. Vivid, contrasting pink will break the monotonous white of a Scandinavian style kitchen, introducing a vibrant colour.

2. The Golden Twenties

Glass splashback for kitchen Golden Abstraction – considering the fact that we are entering the new twenty-year period in just a year, it's worth to recall the parties à la Great Gatsby today. Will the next twenty years be so classy and stylish? You can certainly go back to the well-known and beloved classics, in order to introduce a little luxury.

3. Black and white variations

Glass kitchen splashback Black and white Leaves is the most fashionable combination of the season – contrasting colours. It will look amazing in both light and dark interiors. The yin-yang style is another renowned trend in interior design in 2020, both in overall decorations and accessories.

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